By Tim Ravndal

Under the leadership of Gallatin County health official Matt Kelley, The Rocking R Bar is being sued by the county. The lawsuit that has been filed in Gallatin County District Court against the Rocking R is for violating the 10PM closing time brought forward by Governor Bullock. Matt Kelley is an unelected official of the Gallatin County Health Department an is the primary plaintiff listed in the complaint. Usurpation of power under the plandemic directive is impacting the people of Montana.

The Rocking R Bar, located in historic downtown Bozeman, Montana, is an iconic symbol of Bozeman’s laidback, welcoming culture and Montana State University’s Bobcat spirit. We boast twenty TVs to ensure that you always have a prime view of the game, four pool tables for endless entertainment, dart boards and a friendly staff that will keep your thirst quenched and your belly full.

Rocking R Bar

Under leadership from Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert, the case is seeking a preliminary injunctive relief to force the private business to comply with the plandemic directive. Here is where the battle hits home under Title 50 Montana law that the Governor is using to burden local government with the enforcement of his plandemic directives.

The action filed in court asks the judge to order the Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin and all Bozeman City police officers to facilitate enforcement of the directive.

Sheriffs from 38 counties signed the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association response to Governor Bullock’s Directive requiring face coverings in certain indoor spaces.

Sheriff Gootkin took the time to further define his look at the directive from a law enforcement position earlier this year.

” if we have a complaint about masks in a business or someplace else, and we go and visit with those folks, we’re enforcing the law, we’re just not writing citations or taking people to jail,” he added. “So I wanted to make sure people understood the difference.”

Public statement by Sheriff Gootkin in 2020
Sheriff Brian Gootkin
Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin

Montana Attorney Brian Gallik has taken on the call for help and is now the recorded attorney representing the Rocking R. The law firm based in Bozeman has been engaged in local government actions in Gallatin County on behalf of citizens and property owners.

A motion was made as part of the complaint seeking a hearing on the matter, but no date has been set at this time. While awaiting due process the business will remain under threat from the Gallatin/Bozeman Health Department and Matt Kelley.

Earlier this month, Gallatin County’s health board under the leadership of Matt Kelley advanced control over the people in an effort to minimize the spread of covid in a special meeting . The enhanced health department rules limit the peolpe to a maximum of 25 people and a mandatory reduction in business capacity. In addition the new rule requires all bars and restaurants to be closed by 10pm. The new rule was adopted to remain in sync with Governor Bullock’s new directive amendment.

In watering down the impact of forcing bars and restaurants to close early, the Governor used an extortion tactic advising that there is covid funding available to offset the economic impact, but the businesses would have to fully comply with his directives. No exceptions!

The owner o the Rocking R Mike Hope advised his customers and police that he would not be following the directive and/or adopted local rules. The 10pm closing order is not conducive to his freedom as a private property owner and businessman and he advised everyone that the Rocking R would be staying open.

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