By Tim Ravndal

Rocking R Bar that has been cited by the Gallatin County Health Department official Matt Kelley is heading to court! The case against the Rocking R is over the latest lockdown forbidding all businesses to be closed no later than 10pm.

The owner of the Rocking R is seeking relief in district court under Gallatin County Judge John Brown. The action against the county health official is moving the court to rule against the health order closing time of 10pm. In addition, under the rules, the defendant is seeking relief by the county being charged with covering any and all legal fees.

Governor Steve Bullock using his executive authority pushed a “Directive” that places a curfew on bars to potentially curb covid. The plandemic instituted by Governor Bullock continues to ratchet up the restrictions which are killing businesses across Montana.

Earlier the court denied the health board’s request for a temporary restraining order against Rocking R. Judge Brown opined by saying that the request failed to show a direct injury to the people of Gallatin County.

A hearing over the matter will be held in Gallatin County District Court on Tuesday is set for Tuesday December 15th @ 9:00AM.

Attorney Brian Gallik, who is representing the Rocking R is showing the economic impact to the business and employees and that the county officials have ignored financial impact in the name of fear.

County attorney Marty Lambert who continues to ride the fence politically on the issue claims that Gallatin County restrictions are not as inhibiting as they are in other parts of the state. He also in his representation of the county board and Mr. Kelley that the actions taken against the Rocking R are not arbitrary or capricious which is being argued across the state with similar actions.

Rocking R Bar owner Mike Hope decided on Nov. 16, 2020 that he was no longer going to obey the lockdown and declared he would stay open to normal business hours. complaints continue to be filed with the police department on the Rocking R being open past the lockdown time of 10:00pm.

Stay Tuned!

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