Message Of Faith From Joey Gibson

By Tim Ravndal

The Red Pill Festival hosted by Randy & Kim Mitchell held on July 24th 2021 brought together patriots from across the Northwest to share their wisdom and courage. The event was covered by the New York based Vice TV and the event MC Derrek Skees regularly reminded everyone that the fake news was there and to use caution in talking to them because of who they are and what they do.

We attempted to use the internet to provide the truth about Joey Gibson but google and all other social media outlets appear to be bought and paid for by elite socialists and organizations like the left wing extremist group SLPC. All internet sources we found label Joey

The liberal socialist media has labeled Joey Gibson as the far right extremist. Joey founded Patirot Prayer Foundation back in 2016 in Vancouver Washington. The efforts by Joey have gathered patriots from across the north west together in defending the Second Amendment along with important issues impacting freedom and liberty. Joey brought those events into Liberal Socialist cities like Portland Oregon. His actions have triggered multiple cases of snowflake counter protests funded by socialists working to maintain control over the narrative.

Joey Gibson photo courtesy of Debbie Westlake

Joey Gibson is grounded in passion and shared his courage with everyone at the Red Pill Festival. Joey reminds the participants at the festival that the devil wants everyone to sell out.

“He wants you to sell out,… because if you do something you don’t believe in because you are afraid or they bribe you with something, the carrot and the stick, you understand? that means you are giving up yourself to this role instead of putting your faith in God”

Joey Gibson

Joey reminds everyone to remember to follow the money and to make sure you know who is behind the movements that are rising across America. The truth behind black lives matter movement is there are well funded social engineers behind the movement according to Joey.

Patriot Prayer has focused on fighting antifa and leftist groups; the brutal street fights between the groups, which have taken place since 2017, have frequently been filmed and posted online by observers and members.[12] After a brawl between Patriot Prayer and anti-fascist activists at Cider Riot in May 2019,[13] Gibson was indicted on a felony rioting charge.[12]

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