Governor Greg Gianforte visited Townsend Montana on October 4 2023 on a special mission Honoring Veterans. Members of the America Legion Post 42 were proud to have the Governor of Montana present an award to two local Veterans. This program has been in place for several years, and is part of Governor Gianforte’s 56 county tour he takes each year to visit with the citizens,

Mr. Jamie Buck who has been on the front lines here in Broadwater County for multiple years with the Sheriff Department. Master Sargent Buck was honored for his service by the governor and presented a commemorative flag. Master Sgt Buck proudly served in the United States Air Force.

The Governor also presented the special recognition award to Larry Westfall. Larry served in the United States Army and in the Montana National Guard. Larry is currently a leader in Post 42 where he and his wife continue to spend many hours continuing to give service to the community in so many different ways.

The common theme of the day was clearly stated in that “Freedom is Never Free”