Only Plandemic Vaccinated Citizens Need Apply

By Tim Ravndal

In Helena Montana the housing availability is stressed no more or less than any other community across Montana. The surge in property values has placed many traditional properties available for rent off of the market. We were informed that the thrust of power against the people is rampant in Helena Montana, right down to the housing industry.

We spoke to a patriot this morning that has met a new level of extortion associated with the plandemic. Do to the volatility in the Helena area regarding socialism enhanced by mandates, the full identity of the patriot in this article known as AK is being redacted.

Recently AK was put into a position that called for relocation of the family. AK found out the control founded in fear reaches even further into the ability to raise a family than earlier confirmed.

The rising costs of rent compounded by the recent housing bubble has placed many families out in the streets. The AK family found a place to rent while determining their next step there in Helena Montana. After searching for a place in Helena that would accommodate the AK family they were brought to 208 East 16th Street to an available rental.

Mr. Onushco has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years. and has been a full-time real estate agent in Helena for the past 10 years. Mr. Onushco also owns a property management company in Helena. Mr. Onushco who is a local real estate agent in Helena owns this home at 208 East 16th St. According to AK, this residence has a colorful history due to the house was tested positive for meth 5 years ago . Now we don’t know of any houses on meth, but any alleged drug addiction could place concern with any family wishing to purchase or rent a home in this area.

When AK approached the prospect of renting the home, Mr. Onushco openly disclosed the covenant restrictions and qualifications to rent the home. In the interest of protecting his investment in renting this home, he has placed a mandate that he will only rent to citizens that have been vaccinated against the plandemic virus according to AK.

So…it may be alleged that the home is at risk to catching the plandemic virus and needs extra protection. We are not sure if the house is masked or vaccinated but it does appear it is maintaining the six foot spacing as recommended by the government authorities.

Editors Note: It should be noted that the rights of the people can only be protected when the people know the truth and are informed

Stay Tuned!

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