Opinion/Editorial By Tim Ravndal

We have received many reports over the past couple weeks that the new strain of the alphabet virus currently at “D” for “Delta” is running rampant. Here in Montana, there are positive results from the plandemic testing. We have received reports from many citizens across Montana that the jury is still out on the validity of the virus that is being hyped up by CDC. Many folks we talked to are asking if the tests can really keep up with the alphabet mutation that most all viruses travel through.

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The numbers of people that are impacted by this new strain of flu is seriously needing to be fleshed out to provide the full story for the people of Montana. It is so very important to make a proper health decision ahead of symptoms that require medical assistance. Most all people we spoke to, are highly concerned that preventative medicine is important but currently nearly all illness is being treated as the dreaded crony disease without looking at any other causes.

We are hearing people are being turned away from hospitals that need surgery because of the fear that is entrenched with the plandemic mandates that continue to come from government officials. This leaves patients in need of immediate care waiting on a test result.

Having the health care facilities properly staffed to meet the needs of the citizens is also on the front page of all the main stream media sources. There are claims of needing the Montana National Guard to fill in with help due to an overload of crony patients. What the leading stories do not cover is the many claims that professional health care officials are quitting their jobs. This shortage in help creates a crisis at the health care facility under any cause.

We spoke to a postal employee that went to the St. Pete’s Hospital Clinic in Townsend on Tuesday September 21, 2021. She was experiencing persistent congestion and fatigue for several days but was seeing slight improvement. She made an appointment to seek assistance from medical professional to speed up her recovery. After missing work for 3 days, she was also required to get a medical release to go back to work.

Upon arriving at her appointment, she was immediately given the crony test. After receiving a professional quick review of her symptoms, she was sent home. Her call for assistance was put on hold until the results came back from the crony test. Wanting to go back to work, she finally called the office again September 27th 2021 to get a response. The clinic official stated that the test came back negative.

We have testing taking over 6 days to get a result. Then a call for government intervention to assist assistance in testing. Are hospitals and clinics really in a position to properly deal with this plandemic? We have seen millions and millions of dollars expended in dealing with this. Political maneuvering at all government levels is evident as the answer to the plandemic. The need to maintain qualifications for the federal funding is tied to the plandemic is front and center.

The postal worker that recovered from a strain of flu that may or may not be tied to crony went back to work this morning. Will the clinic add this statistic to the 99+% recovery rate? Will this test negative be the first steps of discovering a new strain that has not yet reached a level to accommodate an accurate testing regime? So many questions are being asked and even the professionals are scrambling for the answers.

One other point that seems to have been left on the shelf by the medical community and government officials is the potential treatments for those that are testing positive. Will treatments that have merit to help overcome the symptoms of the virus be promoted? Are we stuck in a vicious circle of arbitrary and capricious actions taken across America to advance vaccination in the name of $$$$$$.

PS: I must acknowledge that friends, relatives and neighbors that contract crony I wish you a speedy recovery. The loss of two more friends right here at home just took me to this level of publicly giving my thoughts on the plandemic. My use of St. Pete’s Clinic in this article is not intended to single out this clinic, but because it is right here at home with my wife being the postal worker, I determined the level of appropriateness is legitimate.


Amazing how history can be the lessons of warning as well as hope,..or is there hope? Here is a warning that came to the people in 1965 from none other than “Paul Harvey.” In these days of available information 24/7 it is sometimes important to think past the hype and take a breath.

Remember….If you cannot breath, nothing else matters!

Signed, unjabbed unmasked, untested and still kicking. ~ Tim Ravndal, Townsend Montana