Take Back Montana

On Wednesday September 22, there is a double header on deck for parents and citizens from across Montana. Education is the foundation of future generations and there is a chance for everyone to get in on the truth from the beginning instead of fighting to find the truth after evil is in control..

Election Integrity In Montana

Beginning @ 9:00AM at the Discovery Alliance Church located at 2630 Connery Way in Missoula Montana, Montana Election Integrity Project will present an in depth 2020 Election analysis.

Dr. Douglas G. Frank, former Army Cpt. Seth Keshel, and Law Professor David K. Clements will be discussing their analysis of Montana’s 2020 General Election.

The group of citizens and elected officials that put a spotlight on Election Integrity in Missoula County will provide the people of Montana a full presentation on the integrity of voting here in Montana and abroad.

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