By Tim Ravndal

First in order is to take a moment to pay honor to the 13 who lost their lives in Afghanistan. Never forget those that have given all in the name of Freedom and Liberty.

The Vet Pages

In Townsend Montana recognition is due for a patriot that is working to support Veterans in need. There is an ongoing demand for help for those that have met hard times and need a boost from “We The People”

Betty Lai is the wife of a Veteran who is no longer with us and she is traveling across the Northwest making a difference in providing assistance to those in need.

With many Veterans struggling to even have a place to live it is important to show good faith with someone that is on a mission to help those in need.

Betty will be finishing up here in Townsend this afternoon and will be over in White Sulphur Springs Montana starting tomorrow for the next couple days. If anyone wishes to make a donation or make a purchase, the proceeds go to Veterans in need.

Betty will be moving on to Idaho after finishing up in White Sulphur Springs in a couple days.

God Bless those in need and those working to help them.

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