By Jeremy Trebas

“I was alerted that on the GFPS website that masks will be required at the meeting to talk about requiring masks (or not). First of all, that is to work against people who do not wear masks and stifling their opinion by excluding them.

So you will be excluding the exact people that are very much wanting to provide input on this matter.Secondly, there is no enforcement available to you should you attempt to exclude someone who refuses to wear a mask on taxpayer funded property. See House Bill 501, which excludes trespass as an option simply because someone will not wear a mask when they are on public property.

Lastly, and this is to the point of the meeting, there is no authority in law that I know of, law given by either the state constitution or statute allowing the authority of the school trustees to implement a mask mandate, especially when there is no declared emergency.

There are people that will be at the meeting on Thursday, and if the intent is to exclude their opinion by attempting to enforce a mask mandate, know that that is wrong and you will only then get the folks that obviously will agree with the board. It’s not a fair way to run the process and disallows true public participation in the meeting.”


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