Red Pill Message From John Jacob Schmidt

By Tim Ravndal

On July 24th 2021 patriots joined together from across the west at the Red Pill Festival in St Regis Montana. John Jacob Schmidt delivers a message of truth with courage everywhere he goes. Many across the Northwest have heard John speak, but there are many that have been spoon fed narratives from the main stream media that portray John as an extremist with every label known to man.

John opens with the very question that resonates among patriots everywhere: “Got any liberty loving patriots in the crowd? yea I love that word Patriot…it makes communists cringe” John sets the stage with humor and gratitude in the name of unity.

John references the opposition to the Red Pill festival where they gathered a week earlier under an event they called: “Better Together and then they held it separately!”

John Jacob Schmidt Delivers Message To Patriots

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