Opinion By Ed Butcher

“First of all I served with Tom McGillvray and supported his election—I strongly support 90% of his political efforts, but as a former political history professor [ten years] and student of American history, I strongly oppose his “Convention of States Project”!

The supporters of a Constitutional Convention are politically naïve to propose this project in the current political climate in which we live. Historically, we only have to look to the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention (which I at the time supported) to realize it was used by the liberals to inject “Progressive” [i.e. Marxist] concepts into our State Constitution.

The convention was totally controlled by trial lawyers, unions, and Democrats. The problems with the “Convention of States” proposal:

1. To restrict the Convention to several specific issues (which I support in theory) would be impossible…

2. To be able to elect delegates representing conservative/American values is not a realistic expectation considering that we cannot even get conservatives elected in many strong Republican state legislative districts—Soros and the radical left will have the money and organization to elect liberal/leftists even in “Red [i.e. Conservative] States”—thus they take over the Convention.

3. We would find a “new” Constitution being drafted just as happened during the original Constitutional Convention which was called to “Amend and clarify the Articles of Confederation” during our Founding Period–without the modern day Marxists who would control McGillivray’s “Convention of States”…Goodbye to the present 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment and etc—the Bill of Rights would be eliminated (especially the 10th Amendment) as the Convention Delegates with the support of the Media would concentrate political decisions and power in the Central Government.

4. Once this new Constitution is drafted and submitted to the States for ratification, the international money and the modern media would control the dialogue and a historically illiterate voting population would sweep away our current Constitution and impose the socialist new Constitution which the “New World Order” has endorsed….Our present Constitution was “neutered” with the passage of the 17th Amendment changing Senator elections from the State Legislatures (we would now have an overwhelming Republican U.S. Senate if the Founding Fathers’ original intention) of the Upper House of Congress being responsible to the States.

America was founded and based on our political system as a decentralized “Republic.”

Montana Constitution

The Federal Government’s intended responsibility was to be a referee between States and the protector of the states from foreign intervention! To preserve the vision of America, we must fight against and block a Constitutional Convention which would spell the end of this great “American Experience” which has elevated our civilization beyond any other country in world history.

The advocates of a Constitutional Convention [including Rob Natelson and Tom McGillivray—both of whom I have supported] lack a broad and in depth historical knowledge and a divine foundation upon which our Founding Fathers possessed).

Our current political environment is not fertile ground for writing a Constitution. We must understand that “American Marxism” has taken root in our government, educational institutions, and the media which has even corrupted our churches.

With your background in the “Chinese Experiment”, I would urge you to oppose this ill-conceived idea! This is not the political environment to think about convening a Constitutional Convention…!!”

~ Ed Butcher ~

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