Dear Stand Up Montana members,

“The time to get involved in your local school board meetings is NOW! Our children are the future of this great nation and our leaders in education are intent in teaching division and hate.

Don’t have school-aged children? It doesn’t matter. The future of our freedoms depends on all of us and starts with educating our young.

We are writing for two reasons:

  1. Immediate help is needed in Gallatin county! If you are in Gallatin County, please attend Bozeman’s first school board meeting of the season, tomorrow, Monday, July 12th, at 5:45pm at Gallatin High School to discuss (contest) the Critical Race Theory agenda disguised as “Equity”. The agenda for Monday’s meeting can be found here.

    Let them know that the proposed Equity Advisory Group’s Vision Statement is racist and in many instances discriminatory and violates the U.S. and Montana constitutions, federal civil rights laws, and Montana Human Rights Act. It also violates the recent opinion of MT Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, which carries the weight of the law.

    The last meeting of the 20/21 school year was June 28th and dozens showed up to contest the new Equity policies. The meeting ended with “tabling” the Equity policy because of the backlash. There were no comments in favor. You can also send an email to the Board Trustees at
  2. We would also like to ask for volunteers in other counties and districts to help keep us abreast of local school board meetings around the state so that we can keep our members informed of upcoming meetings and agendas. If anyone can volunteer to provide links, dates and agendas of upcoming meetings, we will send out reminders to encourage people to attend. Please respond to this email.

By now you’ve most likely heard about the agenda by school boards across the nation to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT). The National Education Association recently passed a resolution claiming it is “reasonable and appropriate” to include CRT in curriculum — and pledged to create “a team of staffers” to help teachers “fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric,” according to Fox News. However, the development of critical race theory by legal scholars such as Derrick Bell and Crenshaw was largely a response to the slow legal progress and setbacks faced by African Americans from the end of the Civil War, in 1865, through the end of the civil rights era, in 1968. It was never intended for school-aged children. The notion that America and its people are inherently racist is divisive, political, and couldn’t be further from the truth.

Please consider getting involved in your local school boards. In liberty and health,” ~ Stand Up Montana Board

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