By Representative Brad Tschida

“Fair, open, and transparent elections are not a partisan issue. Irrespective of your beliefs or ideology, there is absolutely no rational person who wants to see elections with even the slightest hint of suspicious or fraudulent activity.

I have sent the attached letter Page 1, Letter page 2 to the station manager of KULR-TV calling out their shoddy journalism. They ran a story which twisted President Trump’s remarks in a way that changes the meaning of what he said. This is an investigation which is far from over and it is my hope that KULR-TV and other media outlets will put in the effort required to find out the facts.

Along with others, I have poured hundreds of hours of time into trying to find the truth about the questionable ballots in Missoula County. Most things worth doing are hard, and the media has simply failed to do any of the heavy lifting required to accurately portray the current state of affairs in the Missoula County Elections Office.

With the integrity and security of our elections at stake, and the possibility of very serious wrongdoing, they have a duty to their viewers to do a real investigation rather than just filling up space between their paid advertisements. This kind of lazy and inaccurate reporting is what has caused many to no longer trust the media and why the state’s major newspapers are on the verge of completely going out of business.”

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