The Sheriff’s Promise To The People Will Never Expire!

By Tim Ravndal

The challenges that have been facing law enforcement without question weigh on all officials, especially county sheriffs across Montana. Recently the heat was felt in Cascade County when the local sheriff took his position and stepped out with his promise to the people. Sheriff Jesse Slaughter made a promise that his oath to defend the Constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies of the people will never expire.

Sheriff Jesse Slaughter

Mr. Slaughter gained respect and confidence after serving nearly 2 decades with the Great Falls Police Department. That job gave Mr. Slaughter first hand experience dealing with not only the system of justice, but the people across Cascade County and abroad. In his bid for the office of Sheriff, his support base went to work and created a campaign that took him to the finish line in 2019.

Funding in political races continues to be a challenge for even the most influential people across America. Mr. Slaughter was able to generate his campaign funding in 2018 in a large part because of his promise to the people.

Working under the concept of maintaining a separation of powers, Mr. Slaughter champions the fact that his job is to work for the people regardless what the social and political pressures bring forth. While his commitment to defending the rights of the people continues to be called into question, he refuses to compromise his promise. Even under heavy opposition for going against standard practices, Mr. Slaughter told us that his Oath to the people will never expire. He stated he will continue to work hard and stay focused on providing public safety for the people of Cascade County. With all the negative coverage of recent political hits, Mr. Slaughter continues to stand with integrity within the system.

In many cases where law enforcement encounters less than honorable actors, the fact that their hands are often tied by the system creates a level of frustration on both the law enforcement side and the very people they serve. The individual rights of the people and those engaged in upholding the law become contentious at times if not legally diminished on both sides. A local sheriff having the highest authority in the county is the first line of defense of the rights of the people.

In this county and most if not all counties, it is known that a political bird has both left and right wings, It is important here to remember the history lesson that these wings are attached to the same bird which is “We The People” In Cascade County, the political machine regularly gets attention based on decisions made by elected officials. Recently Mr. Slaughter again made a decision to follow his promise to the people rather than play politics. Mr. Slaughter received first hand combat training when he took his promise to defend the Constitution regardless which wing of the political bird was in flight. That promise rendered a full frontal attack from the wings of the political bird seeking control.

The majority of the people in Cascade County that we spoke to are watching what is going on with law enforcement across Montana. Many have stated they are happy to see a sheriff that respectfully performs his duty to the people and is not afraid to stand up. A small percentage of those we spoke to are distraught over what they are calling a political maneuver.

The political maneuver that democratic operatives are calling foul on, shows Mr. Slaughter made a clear decision on behalf of the people. Mr. Slaughter, taking the courage to stand for the people over politics, proves he is committed to hold true to his word. In the world of politics, there are also others we spoke to that state they will be watching closely to ensure that Mr. Slaughter continues to uphold his word to the people of Cascade County.

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