By Sally Tucker

“As the dust settles on the Montana 67th Legislative Session, citizens should be encouraged by the yeoman efforts of Governor Gianforte and Lt Governor Juras in their work with the Legislators and We the People, on much essential, corrective legislation.After 16 years of democrat back-room deals and irrational vetoes of the majority of hard-fought legislation, it is truly a delight to see the earnest efforts of the People’s representatives signed into law.As of May 20, 2021, only ten bills were vetoed, with two more returned to Legislature with proposed amendments.

Of course, fewer vetoes allow for closer citizen scrutiny of the Governor’s reasoning. Am happy to report that (unlike his predecessor) most of Governor Gianforte’s vetoes are soundly reasoned, to the point, and appear valid.However, there is one glaring exception, HB158, Hinkle’s Covid response study commission. Before I unpack that disappointing veto, I believe the other vetoes also deserve recognition and analysis.

So stand by for my attempt to report the facts surrounding this series of vetoes, including pertinent links to each bill, at the Legislative website I will also share my inexpert opinions on the bills and actions, so, if you have insight or relevant background on the bill’s journey through the Session, please feel free to share your views. Politely. With thoughtful reasoning and civility.I have already opined about the fallout of the veto of HB 235 ( scroll down for link in bill list) and will do the same for:

HB 97 (McKameyPost:

HB 158 (HinklePost:

HB 188 (LogePost:

HB 235 (WelchPost:

HB 277 (MercerPost:

HB 397 (KassmierPost:

HB 440 (CurdyPost:

HB 522 (ButtreyPost:

HB 624 (BuckleyPost:

HB 688 (KassmierPost:

In the interest of transparency and accuracy, We the People should have the facts concerning our Governor’s actions, as well as our Legislature’s actions. In the last decade, this has been woefully missing from media coverage of the People’s House and the government, in general. Truth tends to be lost among the spin, rhetoric and emotional bottom lines; special interest groups and activists have driven the political narrative – into the ground, in some cases.

It is truly maddening to see complete falsehoods reported as news in outlets like Montana NPR. Also, it’s most annoying that mainstream news sources have completely abdicated their responsibility for investigative reporting (which further damages media’s credibility in the marketplace of ideas). So, I offer a bit of analysis in response to these vetoes, and invite readers to offer their own insights, as well as solicit reports from our representatives in the trenches; the more points of view we can consider, the more light we shine into the process.

And, with light, We the People can better understand how our government impacts our lives…how We the People can impact government.We the People have the power. Use it or lose it, folks. “

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