By Tim Ravndal

On January 4th 2021 the Montana Legislature along with statewide elected officials converged on Helena to be sworn in. With the plandemic in place many of the functions were restricted with access limited due to social distancing that was put in place by the past Governor Steve Bullock.

Citizens from across the state have been calling and pleading with elected officials of Montana to make certain changes to the state government to repair damage done to the citizens and their rights.

A gathering in front of the people’s house on this day, a few hundred citizens took the time off to come to Helena to exercise their constitutionally protected rights. Lewis & Clark County has instilled restrictions against the right to assemble but the citizens heard about the gathering and decided to come with or without the blessing of the elected and appointed officials.

Citizens from across Montana took the journey across the big state to participate in the action plan that was organized by multiple groups and individuals that are working together.

Those that could not get away from work voiced their support and families that are struggling to survive equally shouted out their support.

The following video was taken capturing the call to duty in Montana.

Patriots March For Freedom

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