The Local Government Legislative Interim Committee is moving forward with several draft bills at their next meeting. One of the actions proposed is to increase the spending from the permanent coal trust fund. Doubling the available funding from 15 million to 30 million for low income and moderate housing loans. The bill will amend 17-6-308 and 90-6-137, MCA. Information on the changes can be found here

COVID Relief Fund Local Reimbursement Program

Montana received $1.25 billion in federal covid-19 relief funding which must be spent by the end of the year or returned to the federal government. Bullock has allocated about $822 million to help businesses, nonprofits public health and schools. The state has spent nearly $106 million through July but help for citizens impacted by the lockdown have been largely unused. Montana Department of Commerce weighs in on the landlord/tenant shortcomings in financial stability in Montana due to Covid-19.

The committee will meet on September 9th to review the proposed legislative actions for the 2021 Legislative session. The public is invited to comment on the agenda items. The Agenda for the meeting is tentatively set and may be adjusted prior to the day of the meeting. For more information visit the committee website here.

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