With the “supposed” uptick of positive cases of Covid in 2021 we have seen an uptick of fear mongering right along with it. Montana is no exception.

The line seemed to be drawn many months ago as far as those buying into this whole thing and those who have not.

There are people who made the choice to not cover their ability to breath, not get tested and not get the needle. On the flipside are those who followed all those recommendations and did everything that has been suggested. This raises the question of just who is getting tested to produce all these new positive cases.

Most of these new cases are the un-vaccinated, according to some news outlets and some of the Health Departments. It seems strange that those who never bothered with getting tested, now “appear” to be getting tested in a dramatic increase in number. That would be the only conclusion for the sudden increase of positive cases if they are truly the unvaccinated.

Empty Threats

Many Health Departments are posting the new numbers of positive cases on a daily basis, along with a heavy push for vaccination. And some of them go so far as to post veiled threats as recently became apparent on the Hill County Health Department facebook page.

Note the last paragraph: “If you choose to disregard the Public Health recommendations, you could be subject to claims of legal liability from individuals you infect.”

Their frustration seems to stem from the inability to follow their old quarantine guidelines due to HB 702.

An Empty Threat is Still a Threat

The unfortunate truth is there are many who read and believe every word posted by the Health Departments. They might take this threat as absolute truth. But is it?

It would be curious to learn just how one may sue another for giving them germs. The evidence of such an event would be hard if not impossible to find, let alone present to a Judge.

The Hill County Health Department can be contacted by phone at 400-2415 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, Monday through Friday. Or by email here.

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