By: Jena Donofrio

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‘Uncle Sam’ points an accusing finger of moral responsibility in a recruitment poster for the American forces during World War 1.

“We Once again must ask you to serve”

A local Veteran recently received a letter from the Veteran’s Administration in regards to making an appointment for the experimental shot to serve his community. The letter starts off with a guilt trip asking him to “once again serve” by injecting himself with more poison. Another local Veteran thought that the shot was mandated back in January, and fell deathly ill immediately following receiving the first dose, rushed to the ER in the middle of the night after passing out in his bedroom. This isn’t a new territory for our veterans, although I guess we should be happy that they’re not sticking them with unlabeled substances for their safety this time around.

Veterans serve our Country, willingly doing whatever it takes to keep us safe. In return they retire with benefits such as medical care for life including free prescriptions, a pension and mileage reimbursed trips to the doctor. This doesn’t come without strings attached that don’t feel like they’ve earned the same freedoms for themselves, however.

For medical procedures such as a Steroidal shot for excessive back pain, they must take a Covid test prior to each procedure. The procedural letter that is given to them prior to the pain care management appointment states that if the test comes back positive, the procedure will “likely be cancelled for your safety”. This wasn’t the case for another local veteran. Each and every pain management procedure was preceded by a test and he tested positive and they continued with the regularly scheduled appointment without batting an eye.

So why would they be subjected to test after test if they weren’t going to proceed with caution for everyone’s “safety”? The VA is also using the barbaric test which requires the nurse to jam the swab up your nasal cavity. There’s less invasive testing that they will use upon request where they collect swabbing the bilateral nares but if you aren’t in the medical field, you wouldn’t know to ask.

It isn’t a requirement to be jabbed, nor is it mandatory to be treated like a lab rat. It’s a shame that our Veterans are being repeatedly exploited by this medical farce. This serves as an eye opening reminder that we need to continue to do our own research and exercise our God given rights for medical freedom.

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